Interclub Challenge Days


Interclub challenge days are day events where the UON Tennis Club Team plays another local club. Past events have included matches against Topspin Tennis and Nelson Bay. In the past, these events have used teams of roughly 15 players each who compete in a number of singles and doubles sets against the rival club. The cumulative scores from each team are calculated and a winning club is determined. 

We hope to hold a number of these events throughout the year for players of all skill levels. Trial days will be held early in 2021 in order to gauge player skill levels. Unfortunately, the number of players that we will be able to field will be dependent on rival club’s ability to field adequate competitive teams and thus our team will be subject to change.

If you’re interested in being involved in the UON Tennis Club team, please follow this link.

For more information regarding Competitive Events, please contact:

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