Interclub Challenge Days

10:00 AM – 04:00 PM 23-04-2017

Interclub Challenge Days

Time to put our mighty club to the test!

In the Newcastle region, there is little opportunity to challenge your tennis club against another. Local competitive tennis is restricted to intra-club fixtures and tournaments. The UON Tennis Club is hoping to create a regular, friendly competition between local clubs to help strengthen relationships between tennis players in the Newcastle and Hunter region. Competition of this nature will not only assist in the growth of the local tennis community, but it will also act as an avenue for player development.

Throughout 2017, the UON Tennis Club will participate in a number of “Interclub Challenge Days” which will involve small teams from our club, playing a series of matches against other local clubs. The exact format and team numbers will depend on our opposition, but we will be expecting to have teams of 10-15 players for each event. There will be singles and doubles for each Challenge Day and the team which wins the most sets throughout the day will claim victory.

Players of all skill levels are welcome. Although no dates are set as of yet, when they are confirmed we will be asking for registrations here, so keep your eye out for schedule updates throughout the year!